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Kidney Cancer: Information for Health Care Professionals

Kidney cancer services for patients at UCLA are treated through the UCLA Kidney Cancer Program. Clinical activities of the Program are administered through the Department of Urology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, as well as the Peter Morton Medical Building.

The UCLA Kidney Cancer Program team of physicians, surgeons and clinical professionals are world renowned experts in the diagnosis, management and treatment of kidney cancer, from localized tumors (tumors confined to the kidney) to the most complicated metastatic, or advanced, kidney tumors (tumors that have spread to other organs or parts of the body).

Make a Referral

UCLA Kidney Cancer DoctorsOur partnership with health professionals in the community is key to our success at UCLA Health System. It is our goal to assist you with referring a patient to UCLA and getting access to our continuing medical education program.

Registered nurses and referral coordinators are available to assist referring physicians and case managers access services at UCLA Health System through the toll-free UCLA Physician Referral Service phone line (1-800-UCLA-MD1). Or, send an email to and one of our referral nurses will respond.

Referrals may also be made directly:

Please complete and send the Physician Referral Form to initiate the new patient referral process. A member of the UCLA Kidney Cancer Program team will first contact a representative in your office to collect additional patient information. Once we receive the necessary patient information, the patient will be contacted and the appointment confirmed.

Referrals may also be made by phone or fax:

Phone: (310) 794-7700
Fax: (310) 794-7787 (Attention: UCLA Kidney Cancer Program)
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm PST, Monday-Friday

All e-mail Referral Forms received prior to 1:00pm PST will receive a response, either by phone or e-mail, by 5:00pm the same business day. Messages received after 1:00p.m. will be answered by noon the next day of business (Mon.-Fri.)

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials essentially fall into two general categories:

  • The first category of clinical trials is designed to evaluate new drugs, compounds or biologic agents that have not yet been approved by the (FDA) for administration to patients. All substances must go through several phases of clinical trials documenting their safety and effectiveness before the FDA approves them for routine use to treat cancer patients. Prior to FDA approval, these treatments are only available through clinical trials.
  • Clinical trials may also evaluate drugs, compounds or biologic agents already approved by the FDA for the treatment of one type of cancer. These substances have already been demonstrated to be safe by the FDA and are now being tested and evaluated in different doses, schedules and combinations to find new ways to optimally use them for the treatment of a variety of cancers.

As each clinical trial is unique and has its own benefits and risks, each participant should educate himself or herself as much as possible before agreeing to participate in any clinical trial

Click to view currently open clinical trials.

Additional Resources

Learn more about kidney cancer services at UCLA by visiting the following related websites:

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