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Funding Announcements: April 2011

The following new grants were awarded in April 2011:

Principal Investigator: Samuel W. French

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Inst of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Disease

Award Title: "Heat Shock Protein Synthesis Inhibitor Treatment of Hepatitis C Viral Infection"

Principal Investigator: Jiaoti Huang

Sponsor Name: U.S. Army/Medical Research Acquisition Activity

Award Title: "The Function of Neuroendocrine Cells In Prostate Cancer"

Principal Investigator: Roger S. Lo

Sponsor Name: American Association for Cancer Research

Award Title: "Exome Sequencing of Melanomas with Acquired Resistance to BRAF Inhibitors"

Principal Investigator: Hannah K. Mikkola

Sponsor Name: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (Leukemia Society of America)  

Award Title: "MEF2C In Hematopoietic Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Transformation"

Principal Investigator: Elizabeta Nemeth

Sponsor Name: Amgen

Award Title: "Unbiased Identification of Ferroportin Post-Translational Modifications and Ferroportin Interactome"

Principal Investigator: Beate R. Ritz

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Award Title: "Pesticide Exposure and Childhood Cancer (PECC) Study"

Principal Investigator: Kathleen M. Sakamoto

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Cancer Institute

Award Title: "Career Development and Increasing Diversity In Pediatric Hematology/Oncology"

Principal Investigator: Linda Sarna

Sponsor Name: Pfizer Inc. (including Warner-Lamber and Parke-Davis)

Award Title: "Adapting a Smoking Cessation Distance Learning Program to Educate Nurses in China"

Principal Investigator: Michael A. Teitell

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Cancer Institute

Award Title: "A Fourth Outcome: DNA Damage and the Differentiation of B Cells"

Principal Investigator: James A. Waschek

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Award Title: "Protein Kinase A/Hedgehog Pathway Interaction at the Primary Cilium"

Principal Investigator: Ernest M. Wright

Sponsor Name: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Award Title: "Functional Characterization of Human SGLT5 "

Principal Investigator: Jerome A. Zack

Sponsor Name: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Award Title: "Generation of Novel Nanoparticles of Antagonizing HIVLatency "


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