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Funding Announcements: May 2011

The following new grants were awarded to JCCC members in May 2011:

.Principal Investigator: Judith Gasson

Sponsor Name: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Award Title: "Caring Through Access and Education"

Principal Investigator: Richard A. Gatti

Sponsor Name: Cal Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)

Award Title: "Use of HIPSCS to Develop Lead Compounds for the Treatment of Genetic Diseases"

Principal Investigator: Lauren C. Pinter-Brown

Sponsor Name: Pfizer Inc. (including Warner-Lamber and Parke-Davis)

Award Title: "An Open-Label, Randomized, Phase 3 Study of Inotuzumab Ozogamicin Administered In Combination with Rituximab Compared to Defined Investigator'S Choice therapy in Subjects with Relapsed or Refractory CD22-Positive Aggressive Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Who Are Not Candidates for Intensive High-Dose Chemotherapy"

Principal Investigator: Gary J. Schiller

Sponsor Name: Celgene Corporation

Award Title: "A Phase 3, Multi-Center, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group Study to Compare Efficacy and Safety of Pomalidomide in Subjects With Myeloproliferative Neoplasm-Associated Myelofibrosis and Red Blood Cell Transfusion Dependence"

Principal Investigator: David Wong 

Sponsor Name: International Association of Dental Researchers (IADR)

Award Title: "SCPSS: Enabling Technologies for Salivary Biomarkers for Clinical Research"

Principal Investigator: Kenneth Bradley

Sponsor Name: Melanoma Research Alliance

Award Title: "Repurposing Anthrax Toxin for Imaging and Treatment of Melanoma"

Principal Investigator: Tomas Ganz

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Institute Of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Disease

Award Title: "Bioiron 2011: From Basic Science to Medicine"

Principal Investigator: John A. Glaspy

Sponsor Name: Theradex

Award Title: "An Open-Label, Multiple-Dose Escalation Trial to Evaluate the Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of ONO-7746 In Adult Cancer Patients with Chemotherapy Induced Thrombocytopenia"

Principal Investigator: Sara Hurvitz

Sponsor Name: New Sponsor

Award Title: "PARP Inhibition After Preoperative Chemotherapy In Patients with Triple Negative Breast Cancer or ER/PR +, HER2 Negative with Known BRCA1/2 Mutations"

Principal Investigator: Steve Jacobsen

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Institute Of General Medical Sciences

Award Title: "Zhong: Actions of Drm3 on Drm2 Mediated DNA Methylation"

Principal Investigator: Marjorie Kagawa-Singer

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Cancer Institute

Award Title: "Culture, Social Support & Quality of Life: Asian American Breast Cancer Survivors"

Principal Investigator: Roger Lo

Sponsor Name: Melanoma Research Alliance 

Award Title: "Epigenetic Control of PDGFRBETA Expression In PLX4032 Acquired Resistance"

Principal Investigator: Gary J. Schiller

Sponsor Name: Pharmaceutical Research Associates, Inc.

Award Title: "An Open-Label, Dose Escalation, Phase I/II Study to Investigate the Safety, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Clinical Activity of the MEK Inhibitor GSK1120212 In Subjects with Relapsed or Refractory Leukemias"

Principal Investigator: Yi Tang

Sponsor Name: U.S. Army/Medical Research Acquisition Activity 

Award Title: "Intracellular Protein Delivery for Treating Breast Cancer"

Principal Investigator: John Timmerman

Sponsor Name:  Tower Cancer Research Foundation

Award Title: "Antibody-Interferon Fusion Proteins for Treatment of B-Cell Lymphomas"

Principal Investigator: Zev Wainberg

Sponsor Name: Eli Lilly and Company

Award Title: "Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Phase 2 Study of mFOLFOX6 Chemotherapy Plus Ramucirumab Drug Product (IMC-1121B) Versus mFOLFOX6 Plus Placebo for Advanced Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagus, Gastroesophageal Junction, or Stomach"

Principal Investigator: Ernest Wright

Sponsor Name: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Award Title: "Functional Characterization of Human SGLT5"


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