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Tumor Immunology Program


Antoni Ribas

Jonathan Braun

Antoni Ribas, M.D.

Jonathan Braun, M.D., Ph.D.


The Tumor Immunology Program investigates the immune system. It also coordinates the UCLA-wide basic and translational immunology curriculum and related research training efforts of its members. 


Understand the immune system in its

  • Basic biology
  • Molecular targeting in lymphoma/leukemogenesis
  • Role in the host response to malignancy
  • Uses in cancer therapy

Meetings and Events:

  • Weekly seminars
  • Quarterly Program Group meetings
  • Lectures (UCLA and other institutions)
  • Career development trainee workshop
  • Annual Retreat
  • Symposium on inflammation and cancer
  • Biweekly working group of Tumor Immunology and Thoracic Oncology Program investigators in lung inflammation
  • Biweekly working group of immunoregulatory investigators and clinical investigators in chronic hepatitis, Barrett’s esophagitis and inflammatory bowel disease


Director Dr. Antoni Ribas is an associate professor with a joint appointment in Medicine (hematology/oncology) and Surgery (surgical oncology). He also is director of the UCLA Cell and Gene Therapy Core Facility and Assistant Director for clinical programs in the UCLA Human Gene Medicine Program, the largest gene medicine program in the world. His research is aimed at understanding how the immune system can be effectively used to treat cancer, with a focus on malignant melanoma. This work spans from laboratory research to patients, including pre-clinical and clinical development of CTLA4 blocking monoclonal antibodies, dendritic cell vaccines, genetically engineered antitumor lymphocytes and the use of targeted small molecule inhibitors to pharmacologically sensitize cancer cells to immunotherapy.

Co-Director Dr. Jonathan Braun is a professor and the chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. He is a leader of interdisciplinary initiatives in immunologic diseases: allelic immunoglobulin haplotypes encoding native humoral HIV resistance through the NIAID Multicenter AIDS Cohort; molecular imaging strategies for anti-tumor immunity at JCCC; the interplay of host genetics and enteric microbiota composition in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) susceptibility and cancer risk with the Cedars-Sinai IBD Research Center; and formation of a national pediatric IBD network through the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. As chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, he is responsible for the integration of clinical care with systemic research services in support of biospecimen-based translational research. Braun is co-director of the UCLA Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMED) and co-director of the UCLA Clinical Translational Science Institute. This broad scientific expertise and management experience is key to the diverse program-building, operational and educational activities of this program.

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