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UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
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Researcher Videos

 Dr. Judith Gasson - More Than One CureDr. Gasson on

JCCC Director, Dr. Judith C. Gasson, discusses the fact that cancer is not one disease, and different forms of cancer require different cures. That's why our researchers are developing and testing targeted therapies and more personalized approaches to fighting all cancers.


Dr. Judith Gasson - The Importance of Philanthropy in Cancer Research
Dr. Gasson - Venture Philanthropy

JCCC Director, Dr. Judith Gasson, discusses the importance of cancer research funding and the role philanthropy plays in supporting innovative discoveries that translate into novel treatments and therapies.


Dr. Arnold Chin - Targeting Cancer Stem CellsDr. Arnold Chin

JCCC researcher Arnold Chin, M.D., Ph.D., is searching for weaknesses in bladder cancer stem cells that may linger after treatment. His goal: Develop novel therapies that attack these cells and keep the cancer away for good.


Dr. Timothy Donahue - Finding New Ways to Fight Pancreatic CancerDr. Donahue
 JCCC researcher Timothy Donahue, M.D., describes his lab’s determination to understand the molecular genetics of pancreatic cancer and develop nanoparticles to short-circuit this notorious cancer and improve survival rates.



 Dr. Edward Garon - Connecting for Lung Cancer CuresDr. Garon

JCCC physician-scientist Edward Garon, M.D., discusses the JCCC’s leadership in identifying various non-small cell lung cancers and personalizing treatments based on their different molecular make-ups.


 Dr. Jorge Torres - The Path to Finding New Cancer DrugsDr. Torres

JCCC researcher Jorge Torres, Ph.D., shares how understanding the process of cell division can help point the way to new cancer drugs.




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