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Funding Announcements: January 2013

The following new grants were awarded to JCCC members, announced in January 2013:

Principal Investigator: Chen, Irvin

Sponsor Name: Cal Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)

Award Title: Development of a Humanized Mouse Model for Testing anti-HIV HSPC Gene Therapy Strategies in HIV-1 Infected Mice

Principal Investigator: Cloughesy, Timothy

Sponsor Name: Sanofi-Aventis Group (Inc. Sanofi Synthelabo, Aventis Pasteu)

Award Title: International, Multicenter, Open-Label, Treatment-Extension Study for Subjects who Completed a Phase 1 or Phase 2 Parental Study

Principal Investigator: Di Carlo, Dino

Sponsor Name: Netscientific America, Inc.

Award Title: Development of Vortex Trapping Instruments for Rare Cells

Principal Investigator: Finn, Richard

Sponsor Name: Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Novartis Ag (Inc.l Pharma,animal Hl

Award Title: Interrogation of Annotated Tumor Banks for Presence of Genetic Signature (30-50 Genes) Supporting the LDE225 Program

Principal Investigator: Finn, Richard

Sponsor Name: Amgen

Award Title: Preclinical Research Program to Evaluate Potential Translation Science for Amgen CMET Inhibitor XXX

Principal Investigator: Gasson, Judith

Sponsor Name: Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation

Award Title: Avon Cares for Life

Principal Investigator: Ho, Chih-Ming

Sponsor Name: Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Award Title: Clinical Tests of FSC Based Optimization of Combinatorial Drug for TB and HIV

Principal Investigator: McBride, William

Sponsor Name: New York University

Award Title: Radiation-Induced Vaccination to Breast Cancer

Principal Investigator: Pasaniuc, Bogdan

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Cancer Institute

Award Title: Metrics and Methods for Cross-Population Fine Mapping

Principal Investigator: Rao, Dinesh

Sponsor Name: NIH/Center for Scientific Review

Award Title: Characterizing Tumor Suppressive Functions of Micrornas in B-Cell Neoplasia

Principal Investigator: Rettig, Matthew

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Cancer Institute

Award Title: Identification of Inhibitors of the N-Terminal Region of the androgen Receptor

Principal Investigator: Waschek, James

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Institute of Mental Health

Award Title: Pacap Signaling in Fear Circuitries Relevant to Post-Trauamatic Stress Disorder

Principal Investigator: Xiao, Xinshu

Sponsor Name: NIH/National Human Genome Research Institute

Award Title: Analysis of Causal Genetic Variants in Pre-MRNA Processing Using Encode Data


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