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Flow Cytometry

Flow LSR

Director: Dr. Zoran Galic

Manager: Ingrid Schmid

12-953 Factor Building
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1745

Telephone: (310) 825-1043

Fax: (310) 794-2145



  • Provide instrumentation, as well as technical and professional assistance, for performing laser-based flow cytometry.
  • Multi-color leukocyte subset enumeration, quantitation of cell surface antigen expression, measurement of DNA content, measurement of intracellular antigens (alone or combined with DNA content analysis and/or cell surface immunofluorescence), calcium flux evaluation (alone or combined with cell surface immunofluorescence), apoptosis measurements (alone or combined with DNA content analysis or cell surface immunofluorescence), measurement of DNA-RNA content and assessment of fluorescent protein expression. Cell sorting options include aseptic sorting, sorting of potentially biohazardous specimens and single cell cloning.
  • Consistent and extensive instrumentation quality control.
  • Consultation with the manager, as well as continuous availability of expert advice on flow cytometry during data collection and analysis, through personnel in the laboratory.
  • Education through formal courses is provided as needed to users, so they may learn basic flow cytometry principles and learn to run their own specimens on the analytic flow cytometers under supervision of the shared resource staff. Classes on nucleic acid flow cytometry are also offered.

Recharge Rates

There is a tiered fee structure. Costs for JCCC members are listed below; for non-members, please refer to our website for details.


JCCC Rate (Hourly)

Sorting $102
Acquisition and analysis by FCSR staff $92
Independent acquisition and analysis $67
LSR II Acquisition and analysis by FCSR staff $99
LSR II independent acquisition and analysis $75
RoboSep $60
Basic flow cytometry class (one day) $320 per class
DNA class (half-day) $160

Operating Policies:

Faculty investigators, research fellows or others who wish to start using the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource must contact the manager for discussion of their experiments, help with study design and assistance with the procedures and product descriptions of reagents they will need to order. Pilot studies are performed by the lab manager, if necessary, and the study design is perfected. The project is then assigned to one of the flow cytometry technicians. The lab manager remains actively involved in the more complex projects and oversees the technical quality of all work produced by the laboratory. After the initial discussion with the manager, cell sorting experiments are scheduled through the sorter operator. With the exception of developmental work or pilot experiments, the principal investigators are recharged for all time and/or work performed. Details are available on our website at

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