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ES Cell/Transgenic Mice

Transgenic/Knockout Injection Facility Director: Meisheng Jiang, Ph.D.


Transgenic Knockout Injection Facility
3126 Reed Building
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA, 90095

(310) 825-5082 Transgenic/KO Injection Facility Phone


(310) 267-0242 Embryonic Stem Cell Facility Fax
(310) 794-7380 Transgenic/KO Injection Facility Fax

Email Transgenic/KO Injection Facility



The ES Cell/Transgenic Mice Shared Resource provides a multi-tiered service to accommodate individual investigators' needs in the production of transgenic mice, using pronuclear injection; targeted genetic alterations in embryonic stem (ES) cells and murine strains derived from ES cells with targeted mutations. The mission of the ES Cell/Transgenic Mice Shared Resource is to provide these services with high standards of quality control in a cost-effective manner. The ES Cell/Transgenic Mice Shared Resource provides advice to investigators in the design and assembly of DNA constructs, on the availability of transgenic animal models and for evaluating and implementing new methodologies as they arise. In addition to providing consulting services, the ES Cell/Transgenic Mice Shared Resource provides materials (expression vectors, quality-assured ES cells, batch-tested sera and reagents) to investigators opting to undertake these projects in their own laboratories. The ES Cell/Transgenic Mice Shared Resource has two facilities: in addition to providing advice and reagents, the ES Cell Culture Facility will perform electroporations and select and maintain targeted ES cell lines for individual investigators; and the Transgenic/KO Injection Facility of the shared resource performs pronuclear injections of DNA and blastocyst injections of targeted ES cells, and maintains transgenic animal lines in their initial stages.

Last updated: 1/29/2015 4:36:34 PM