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UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

Simms/Mann-UCLA guidanceOne of the most common questions that patients and family members during cancer diagnosis and treatment is “What should I eat?” and “Are there supplements that can help maintain my wellness?” 

Many patients and family members do not know where to turn for the best advice on these subject and are too often left with the advice of health food store clerks, unregulated web sites or others who lack the knowledge and training to develop a personalized nutritional and supplementation  plan. 

The Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology believes that optimizing wellness is an important goal. Becoming educated by well trained integrative oncology specialists who are knowledgeable about nutrition, dietary supplements and complementary care is essential in helping you become as healthy as possible after a cancer diagnosis. Our integrative oncology specialists have extensive experience working in the area of cancer and cancer prevention and have special training and knowledge in the areas of diet/nutrition and the appropriate use of supplements, symptom management, wellness, and immune support to help you make good choices, and to create an individualized wellness plan that takes into consideration your treatment status.

The Simms/Mann center offers two types of services:

Individual Integrative Assessment by an Integrative Oncology Specialist. Individual educational sessions (1.25 to 1.5 hours) for patients with cancer or individuals at risk for cancer provide an opportunity to ask questions on nutrition, dietary supplements, and strategies to enhance well-being.

Educational Groups by an Integrative Oncology Specialist. Small group classes (four to six individuals) on specific topics assist patients in developing strategies to increase wellness while living with cancer, its treatments, and beyond. Examples include:

  • Turning Down the Heat. Natural strategies to help manage menopause even after cancer
  • Let Food Be Your Medicine. Nutritional strategies to reduce the risk of cancer and discussion of strategies for dietary choices and weight management to lower risk of cancer
  • Symptom Management During Cancer Treatment. Natural therapies and mind/body techniques to manage common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Nutritional Strategies During Cancer Treatment. Healthful strategies to maintain weight, healthy lean body mass and wellness during treatment
  • Am I Done Now? How to Live Your Life After Treatment is Done. Dietary and lifestyle strategies to maximize wellness once cancer treatment is complete
  • Nutritional Strategies to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer. Discussion of strategies for dietary choices and weight management to lower risk of breast cancer

The Simms/Mann Center also offers general educational lectures through our Insights Into Cancer lectures series which is available live and as streaming video.

To access these services or for more information on nutrition and dietary supplements, visit the Simms/Mann center.

Last updated: 11/18/2013 10:08:09 AM