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Shen Pang, Ph.D.
Shen Pang, Ph.D.


Adjunct Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Member, JCCC Signal Transduction and Therapeutics Program Area

Contact Information:

(310) 825-0863

Scientific Interest(s):

Dr. Shen Pang and his colleagues have used subtractive hybridization to identify genes that specifically expressed in a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) producing cell line, LNCaP. They have obtained three genes, and one of them, claudin-7 (CLDN-7), has shown effect in regulating the expression of PSA. The researchers characterized CLDN-7 and found that the expression of this gene is responsive to androgen. Because tissue-specific expression of PSA and androgen responsiveness are two of the most important properties for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, the function of CLDN-7 in these two respects should be important for prostate cancer research.

Pang and his colleagues identified that primary oral epithelial cells with low passages can be infected by several HIV strains: NL4-3, JRCSF and SX. Further studies demonstrated that 2-4 percent of ethanol can significantly enhance HIV infection of oral epithelial cells. Because oral epithelial cells are CD4-, the researchers studied the mechanism of this infection and found that the HIV envelope protein, gp120, is not required. These results help to explain the mechanism by which HIV crosses the CD4- epithelial cell layers before infecting the submucosal CD4+ T-cells or macrophages. The study helps elucidate HIV oral transmission.

Selected Cancer-Related Publications:

Campbell RA, Manyak SJ, Yang HH, Sjak-Shie NN, Chen H, Gui D, Popoviciu L, Wang C, Gordon M, Pang S, Bonavida B, Said J, Berenson JR. LAGlambda-1: a clinically relevant drug resistant human multiple myeloma tumor murine model that enables rapid evaluation of treatments for multiple myeloma. Int J Oncol. 2006; 28(6): 1409-17.

Zheng J, Xie Y, Campbell R, Song J, Wang RQ, Chiu R, Berenson J, Razi M, Massachi S, Yang OO, Chen IS, Pang S. gp120-independent HIV infection of cells derived from the female reproductive tract, brain, and colon. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2006; 43(2): 127-36.

Song J, Pang S, Lu Y, Yokoyama KK, Zheng JY, Chiu R. Gene silencing in androgen-responsive prostate cancer cells from the tissue-specific prostate-specific antigen promoter. Cancer Res. 2004; 64(21): 7661-3.

Chiu R, Rey O, Zheng JQ, Twiss JL, Song J, Pang S, Yokoyama KK. Effects of altered expression and localization of cyclophilin A on differentiation of p19 embryonic carcinoma cells. Cell Mol Neurobiol. 2003; 23(6): 929-43.

Zheng JY, Chen D, Chan J, Yu D, Ko E, Pang S. Regression of prostate cancer xenografts by a lentiviral vector specifically expressing diphtheria toxin A. Cancer Gene Ther. 2003; 10(10): 764-70.