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UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
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UCLA Pancreatic Cancer Program

At UCLA, patients with pancreatic cancer are treated through the Pancreatic Cancer Program, a part of the UCLA Center for Pancreatic Diseases.

The center combines the expertise of physicians from surgery, gastroenterology, radiology, medical oncology and pathology who are specialized in pancreatic diseases. Together, the Center's specialists review each patient’s condition as well as prior and current test results to plan a thorough and thoughtful course of treatment.

There are two conferences held each week at which each patient is discussed before, during and after their treatment. Physicians from each specialty are present along with the nurse coordinators and representatives from other centers at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Each patient is closely followed, and an extensive data base allows ongoing assessment of treatment efficacy.

The Center's surgeons all perform a high volume of pancreatic operations per year and are experts in advanced laparosopy. The Center's gastroenterologists are specially trained in hepatobiliary endoscopy, including endoscopic ultrasound. There are clinical nurse coordinators who help to facilitate patient care. Patients have access to all of the resources at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

UCLA Doctor and PatientAs a result of our approach, our patients experience superb outcomes. Our morbidity and mortality rates are exceedingly low, and our patients with cancer achieve excellent survival rates. 

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are carefully controlled research studies in which cancer patients help doctors and scientists find ways to improve health and cancer care, and to make sure the treatments are safe and effective. Each study is designed to address and answer specific scientific questions and to find better ways to prevent, diagnose or treat cancer. A clinical trial is one of the final stages resulting from the research conducted during intensive and lengthy laboratory studies.

Experimental medical and surgical protocols are also offered through the Pancreatic Cancer Program. If you are interested in finding out more about these studies, visit our Clinical Trials Guide for general information and a listing of currently open clinical trials.

Additional Resources

For more information on pancreatic cancer treatment services at UCLA, visit the following related website:

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