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Daniel Low, Ph.D.
Daniel Low, Ph.D.


Professor and Vice Chair of Medical Physics, Department of Radiation Oncology
Member, JCCC Cancer Molecular Imaging Program Area

Contact Information:

(310) 267-8948

Scientific Interest(s):

Dr. Daniel Low conducts research in the area of radiation therapy and medical physics. He is interested in novel techniques to improve radiation therapy safety. He is also developing a human breathing motion model that will have applications in radiation therapy and in pulmonology.

Selected Cancer-Related Publications:

Low DA, Zhao T, White B, Yang D, Mutic S, Noel CE, Bradley JD, Parikh PJ, Lu W. Application of the continuity equation to a breathing motion model. Med Phys. 2010 Mar;37(3):1360-4.

Low DA, Parikh PJ, Lu W, Dempsey JF, Wahab SH, Hubenschmidt JP, Nystrom MM, Handoko M, Bradley JD. Novel breathing motion model for radiotherapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2005 Nov 1;63(3):921-9.

Low DA, Nystrom M, Kalinin E, Parikh P, Dempsey JF, Bradley JD, Mutic S, Wahab SH, Islam T, Christensen G, Politte DG, Whiting BR. A method for the reconstruction of four-dimensional synchronized CT scans acquired during free breathing. Med Phys. 2003 Jun;30(6):1254-63.

Low DA, Dempsey JF. Evaluation of the gamma dose distribution comparison method. Med Phys. 2003 Sep;30(9):2455-64.

Low DA, Harms WB, Mutic S, Purdy JA. A technique for the quantitative evaluation of dose distributions. Med Phys. 1998 May;25(5):656-61.