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JCCF Awards Announced

Each year, JCCC researchers apply for research funding made possible through gifts to the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation (JCCF). The applications are selected for their scientific merit in a peer-review process overseen by Dr. Judith Gasson, JCCC Director. Often, these start-up funds launch promising research partnerships (through JCCC Program Area Collaboration Grants) and young investigators' careers (through Seed Grants and Fellowships). Congratulations to the following JCCC members for their outstanding contributions to the field of cancer research and many thanks to the generous donors who make possible these awards.

Collaborative Grants

. Kathrin Plath Photo: Reed Hutchinson . Amander Clark Kathrin Plath, Ph.D.
Amander Clark, Ph.D.

Basic Research
"The Epigenetic Signature of Human Cancer Cells"

. Ke Shuai

. Antoni Ribas Ke Shuai, Ph.D.
Antoni Ribas, M.D.

Skin Cancer Research
“Targeting PIASI for the Treatment of Skin Cancer”

. Lily Wu Photo: Reed Hutchinson . Timothy Deming Lily Wu, Ph.D.
Timothy Deming, Ph.D.

Prostate Cancer Research
“Hybrid polypeptide adenovirus as a gene therapy vehicle for metastatic prostate cancer”

Fellowship Awards
  • Tammy Beran, M.A. (Annette Stanton, Ph.D.*)
    Melanoma Research - "Disease-Specific Concerns and Psychological Adjustment in Ocular Melanoma Patients Tissues"
  • Daniel Braas, Ph.D. (Stephen Smale, Ph.D.*)
    Basic Research - "Regulation of Nucleosome Remodeling at a Defined Class of LPS-Induced Genes"
  • David Buchbinder, M.D. (Lonnie Zeltzer, M.D.*)
    Prevention and Control - "Psychological Outcomes of Siblings of Childhood Cancer Survivors"
  • Roberto Ferrari, Ph.D. (Siavash Kurdistani, M.D.*)
    Basic Research - "Epigenetic Reprogramming by Adenovirus E1A Protein"
  • Ming Gong, Ph.D. (Feng Guo, Ph.D.*)
    Basic Research - "The Role of Heme and RNA Binding Protein DGCR8 in miRNA Processing"
  • Jammie Hopkins (Antronette Yancey, M.D., M.P.H.*)
    Prevention and Control – “Communication and Shared Decision-making with Latino Adolescent Cancer Patients and their Parents”
  • Celine Ko, Ph.D. (William McCarthy, Ph.D.*)
    Prevention and Control -"Working Out Regularly Keeps Individuals Nurtured and Going (WORKING)"
  • Yonghui Yang, Ph.D. (Ke Shuai, Ph.D.*)
    Basic Research – “Negative Regulation of Cytokine Signaling by PIAS1"
*Principal Investigator

Seed Grant Awards
  • Catherine Crespi, Ph.D.
    Basic Research – “New Techniques and Software for Modeling Correlation Structure to Improve Estimation in Cluster-Randomized Trials”
  • Ralf Landgraf, Ph.D.
    Basic Research – “Dissecting the mechanism of ERBB3 ubiquitination”
  • William Lowry, Ph.D.
    Basic Research – “The Role of Stem Cells in Tumorigenesis”
  • Melinda Maggard, M.D. (Siavash Kurdistani, M.D.*)
    Breast Cancer Research – “Measuring the Quality of Care for Breast Cancer Patients: A Pilot Project in the County of Los Angeles Healthcare System”
  • Osvaldo Rey, Ph.D.
    Basic Research – “Mitotic Signaling by Protein Kinase D3”
  • Alexander van der Bliek, Ph.D.
    Basic Research – “Screen for Small Molecules that Induce Apoptosis by Disrupting Mitochondria”

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