Margaret L. Duckhorn

Margaret L. Duckhorn
Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Marketing & Sales
Duckhorn Wine Company

Margaret Duckhorn is co-founder and executive vice president of marketing and sales for Duckhorn Wine Company. Together with Dan Duckhorn, Margaret has spent over 25 years building Duckhorn Vineyards’ reputation for quality and excellence. Known for her commitment to the wine industry and her sense of philanthropy, Margaret is a respected member of the Napa Valley wine community.

Born in New York, Margaret was raised in a military family and traveled widely in her youth. Studying at the University of Maryland campus in Munich, Germany, Margaret first became interested in wine after being exposed to the Mosel region’s distinctive wines. Returning to the United States, Margaret received her B.S., R.N., and P.H.N. degrees from the University of California at San Francisco in 1963. After graduation she worked as a public health nurse for the city of Berkeley before starting a family in the mid-sixties.

In 1976, Margaret and Dan established Duckhorn Vineyards. From the first vintage, Margaret took an active role in the day-to-day operations of the winery, hand sorting the fruit and working alongside the winemaker during blending. Later, Margaret began specializing in marketing and international public relations, becoming a strong voice for Duckhorn Vineyards and a champion for the Napa Valley winegrowing appellation.

Over the years, Margaret has also helped to define Duckhorn Vineyards’ philosophy and core sense of values. “This valley is our home,” Margaret says. “We live here. Our children live here. We recognize the importance of taking care of this remarkable place, and of giving back to the community that has given us so much. In addition, we make certain that our practices at the winery and in our vineyards are sustainable.”

Margaret has been influenced in her approach to the wine industry by her sense of community and love of cooking. From her early food and wine pairing dinners with neighbors, to her marketing focus on Duckhorn’s natural place as a world-class culinary wine, Margaret has championed an ideal. “There’s a feeling you get when you prepare a meal with love and serve it to close friends and family,” she says. “Everyone is enjoying themselves and you have that wonderful sense of camaraderie. This is what Duckhorn has represented to me over the years.”

Margaret continues to be an advocate for the Napa Valley wine industry, working both locally and globally to protect and promote the region. She was one of the original members of Women for WineSense, is a past Board Member of the American Institute of Wine & Food, and is a past President of the Napa Valley Vintners Association. She currently serves as an officer and director of the Wine Institute.

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